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      Lease an NVIDIA DGX System

      Save Money and Innovate Faster


      Flexible Solutions. Faster Innovation.

      There’s never been a better time to put AI supercomputing power in the hands of your developers and data scientists. With our special leasing program for NVIDIA? DGX? Systems, you now have the flexibility to access the latest technology while saving IT CapEx and improving cash flow.

      The NVIDIA DGX Systems Leasing Program Advantage

      Leasing can help you bridge the gap between accessing the performance you need and saving IT budget by providing:

      • An easy way to update to the latest NVIDIA technology
      • Lowered upfront IT costs with increased flexibility via end-of-lease options
      • Improved cash flow with predictable monthly payments
      • Scale-up capacity with minimal change to monthly payments
      • Solution bundling for streamlined payment management

      Leasing Options

      Find the best option to innovate with AI on your terms.

      NVIDIA DGX Station

      NVIDIA DGX Station?

      NVIDIA DGX-1

      NVIDIA DGX-1

      NVIDIA DGX-2

      NVIDIA DGX-2

      Bring the power of NVIDIA DGX Systems to your AI team today.